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DOPE news for our friends, fans, followers, families, and fuck ups alike….

The Good:

We are incredibly exited to announce that Dope is going over to perform in the UK for first time ever in May.
Its hard to believe that we have been to so many far away places, but have somehow managed to avoid one of the most metal loving places on Earth..
We shall right this mother fuckin wrong!!!
It is long over due , so I apologize for the delay..

In addition, it’s going to be amazing to once again tour with our pals from Coal Chamber.
We appreciate Dez, Meegs, Mikey, and Nadja for bringing us along…

The Bad:
Mushroomhead / Dope / Doyle…
We are really bummed out to announce that we are not going to be able to take part in this upcoming run with Mushroomhead and Doyle.
This was a very hard decision because we have been looking forward to teaming back up with our friends in Mushroomhead for many years.
We will definitely make this happen again in the future..
The Mushroomhead / Dope reunion is long over due..

The Ugly:
This is actually just more good : )

We will be announcing the new official release date for Blood Money Part 1 very, very soon..

I am also excited to announce that Virus and myself were finely able to link our schedules last month and get back in the studio together.
Until then, Vi’s guitar playing was barely present on Blood Money.
That, in itself, has made the wait worth while..
After last month, both Virus & Nikk Dibs have now delivered amazing performances for the new album!
The record sounds sick!!!

Timing is everything peeps.
I follow my gut and my heart….
I always have and I always will…
So many more songs have been written and so much improvement has been made to the vision of Blood Money since its postponement…
Can’t wait to share it with the world.

Just found out that a couple of old school Dope tracks landed in the new Liam Neeson film (Run All Night)..
It hits theaters in a couple weeks….
Sounds like fun!!!!!

We are starting brand new official Dope twitter & instagram accounts. @DopeTheBand
Be amongst the first to join!!!

Follow me on twitter & instagram @EdselDope

Right now, the top line of Edsel Dope’s task list says:

See you in the pit!
Edsel Dope

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