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Dope 2014


Teaser video for new Dope album, coming March 2014

16 thoughts on “Dope 2014

  1. You fuckers BETTER come to Phoenix! None of that Tuscon bull shit. Nobody fucking likes that place, so don’t be dicks!

    You guys are AWESOME! Very Excited!

  2. I miss you guys everyone you come through the area. Can’t wait for the new album. Next tour lineup hit up Starland ballroom Sayreville NJ! I’ll be front fuckin row!

  3. So proud of you.guys and.how far you have come …California does need.dope . Dope needs.to.regulate.San Diego ..edsel show these pussies what time it is …baby it’s time

  4. l have seen dope live 2 times. The first was on the life tour and after the show I was fortunate to meet the band. I sang my favorite song, Kimberly’s Ghost, with my little bro and Edsel in front of the norva in Norfolk Virginia. Bad ass. As good as that show was when i saw them with Twisted Method in Chicago a few years later it was the best show I have ever been to and ive seen about 200 shows. I will be at the Kokomo Indiana show as soon as its rescheduled. I know I’ll be blown away. Can’t wait.

  5. Saw dope live in dallas,tx where i drove six hours to see them. From start to finish the crowd was going batshitt crazy. Well worth the drive hope in 2014 im lucky enough to make another trip up there..

  6. new album is great news!!! thank you guys)) wish you all the best luck with the album release.
    please come to Russia someday on tour :)

  7. Holy shit that sounds and looks awesome. Got to see you guys twice this year at Webster Hall. Looks like Virus is in the video which is awesome. I met Acey at both shows, hope he does some live gigs with you guys too. Can’t wait for the new shit.

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